Daniel Fitzgibbons and EMC Corporation

Daniel Edward FitzgibbonsWhat a person does for a living is often a reflection of who they are and what they stand for. In the case of Minneapolis native Daniel Fitzgibbons, in 2006, he joined the EMC Corporation. Before he could take on that role though, he had to work for many years in preparation for this position. Before he left Minneapolis and joined the working world, he started his preparation by gaining his degree in business. This degree allowed him to get the basics of the working world from an academic standpoint.

After that, he was ready to enter the workforce. He worked at a variety of other jobs and in these positions, he was able to gather the skills needed that would eventually equip him for the role of Data Protection Business Manager. EMC Corporation has its headquarters located at Hopkinton, Massachusetts but also has a multinational reach. They specialize in computer storage which makes them a company whose work is applicable in almost any industry. While he began at the company as a Senior Account Executive, he worked hard and proved his skills as well as value and in 2014, he was promoted to the position of Data Protection Business Manager. Daniel Fitzgibbons prides himself on having a reputation for being a hard working employee that instead of fighting challenges, he embraces them. He uses this outlook as motivation points for his teams and incorporates enthusiasm for those that report to him which makes him an asset to EMC Corporation.